Fire Agate Gem Rockhounding Sites and Mineral Locations

Fire Agate Rockhounding Site Saddle Mountain Photo

Fire Agate

is a natural precious


with deposits found only in certain areas of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States (primarily Arizona, California, and parts of New Mexico). These fire agate gemstone deposits fall within two general locations. The first, the Sonoran Desert region, stretches from the southwestern United States to northern Mexico. The second area starts north of Mexico City and lies between the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain ranges.

Fire agate gemstone

deposits were formed in these particular regions approximately 24-36 million years ago when the areas were subjected to massive volcanic activity during the Tertiary Period. Geological conditions within these different regions vary which produce differences in the type and style of fire agate found in each region. The agate formation, size, color and fire layer thickness all vary within these different geographic locations.

Fire Agate Gemstone Mineral Locations

Here is a listing of some of the different Fire Agate Gemstone mineral locations. A few of these sites are open to public rockhounding and others are private mining claims or are located on restricted Public Lands where any type of mineral collection is prohibited. Some of the mine owners such as those at Oatman and Opal Hill do offer a 'fee to dig' service. Please respect the rights of private property owners and mining claims holders at all times, as well as respecting our public lands for current and future generations. Remember that it is illegal to go rockhounding to collect rocks and minerals off of the public lands for commercial purposes (you can not sell what you collect). If you have questions on this issue please contact your local Bureau Of Land Management office.

Black Hills, Arizona - BLM Public Rockhounding Site
Oatman, Arizona - Cuesta Fire Agate Mine
Opal Hill, California - Opal Hill Fire Agate Mine
Round Mountain, Arizona - BLM Public Rockhounding Site
Saddle Mountain, Arizona - Outdoor Recreation and Fire Agate Rockhounding Site
Deer Creek, Arizona, Fire Agate Location
Slaughter Mountain, Arizona - San Carlos Apache Fire Agate Mine

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