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You will find us occasionally on Facebook and we frequent several Fire Agate Facebook Groups. Please feel free to join these wonderful fire agate Facebook discussions groups:

Fire Agate Free For All: Want to show off your fire agate gemstones and wonderful fire agate rough specimens? Want to discuss Opal vs. Fire Agate? Want to find out what may have created fire agates? Or just other fire agate collectors for some fun fire agate related chit-chat, then please join the Fire Agate Free For All group.

Fire Agate Fan Group: If you are new to fire agate carving, which is one of the toughest gemstones to carve, we encourage you to join our Facebook Fire Agate Fan group. Some of the worlds best fire agate carvers and collectors frequent the group and it is a great place to exchange information and share ideas regarding fire agates.

Read Leon Hughes publication called 'Prospecting For And Instructions On How To Finish Fire Agate Gems', which we proudly host since Leon's passing with permission from his estate. This interesting book contains a wealth of fire agate related information. Mr. Hughes owned the Deer Creek Fire Agate mine in the early 1970s and was very kind to put together this fire agate related resource for future generations.

Image Maricopa Mining LogoMaricopa Mining is an Arizona gemstone mining company that specializes in Fire Agates, Peridot, Amethyst, Gold and other gemstones and minerals that are unique to the State of Arizona. It owns and operates multiple gemstone mines within the southwestern United States. It is a junior mining company that is primarily focused on the exploration, acquisition and developent of gemstone and mineral deposits in the southwestern US.

Fire Agate Mineral Locations: Visit our listings and description of many of the fire agate gemstone mineral locations with related links and photos. Several public fire agate rockhounding collection sites are also listed. You will find information on The Black Hills, Arizona, BLM Fire Agate Rockhound Area, Deer Creek, Arizona Fire Agate Deposit, the Oatman, Arizona, Cuesta Fire Agate Mine, Opal Hill, California, Fire Agate Mine, the Round Mountain, Arizona, BLM Fire Agate Rockhounding Site, Saddle Mountain, Arizona, Fire Agate Location, and information on the San Carlos Apache Slaughter Mountain, Arizona, Fire Agate deposit.

Image Lopacki LogoDanial Lopacki's Website: Mr. Lopacki's website has quality lapidary products at discount prices, lapidary carving tips, cut and rough stones, and some wonderful Fire Agates For Sale.

Mindat Fire Agate Mineral Information: Mineralogy data related to fire agates. is one of the largest mineral database and mineralogy reference website on the internet. The site contains worldwide data on minerals, mineral collecting, mineral localities and other mineralogical information.

Vug THE portal for everything mineral and rock related on the web! Started in 2002, The goal of is to serve as THE web portal to the internet for people interested in Minerals, Fossils, Gemstones, Jewelry and the related mineralogical objects and information.

We have another Fire Agate related website that is dedicated to one of our favorite fire agate locations, please check out our Deer Creek Fire Agate Website.

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